Axis ACAP Plug-in

Version 2.4

About Software – Raytec AXIS ACAP Plug-in

All VARIO and VARIO2 IP Illuminators

The Raytec Axis ACAP Plug-in enables VARIO IP illuminators to be ‘edge’ integrated into the Axis ACAP open platform. The integration allows users to create a dynamic lighting system capable of responding instantly to Axis camera events and delivering the right amount of light exactly where and when it is needed to both improve image quality and deter crime. Users can configure communications between the devices via a user-friendly interface embedded in the camera without needing a VMS, server, or any additional wiring – lowering installation costs.

VARIO IP lighting integration with Axis ACAP
Direct communications between cameras and illuminators
Configure instant lighting response to camera events
User-friendly Interface embedded in camera
Live control over lighting
No VMS or server required
Free plug-in software

Version: 2.4.0
Release : March 2022

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User Guide - Axis ACAP Integration
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