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Full Site Modelling

A 3D design plan is used to provide you with a visual representation of what the final installed lighting solution with actually look like, demonstrating the lux levels and spread of light that will be achieved on scene.

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Lighting Design Video

Raytec can produce video designs of your final lighting scheme. Providing a 3D walk-around, this offers a real life insight into how the installation will perform – from all angles.

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Illuminance Mapping

2D and 3D lighting plans can also be provided in a pseudo colour view, providing illuminance mapping of the intensity and spread of the light output across the site. This is used to show that the area has been evenly illuminated which is crucial for achieving the highest level of safety and security.

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Illuminance Mapping
3D Lighting Positions




Lighting Positions

Raytec lighting is highly targeted, providing only the right amount of light needed on scene for maximum efficiency and minimum waste. Plotting the beam direction shows the precise aiming point of each LED panel, the angle of elevation and exact position of each luminaire.

Note: Directional lighting can allow for a much lower lumen output!

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2D Lighting Positions

A 2D lighting design is used to plot the individual light fittings onto your site CAD drawing. It indicates the direction and spread of the lighting, and uses contour lines to show detailed lux levels within different areas. This type of design explains exactly how Raytec will achieve the desired outcome and can be used as a guide during the installation stage.

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2D Lighting Positions
Photometric Data




Download Raytec Photometric Data

Raytec Photometric data can be used by other engineers and designers within lighting design software to create your own tailored lighting schemes using Raytec White-Light LED luminaires.

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