New Spanish Product Overview Guide

We’re pleased to share our new Spanish Product Overview Guide which outlines every product in the Raytec Hazardous range. Having this guide in Spanish opens up the Spanish market and makes it easier to choose/ specify the correct luminaire. Combined with key details and technical specification, this tool gives you all the product information you need. All luminaires are also categorised by product group and zone meaning you can quickly locate which product you need.


How to Save Money with Maintenance Friendly Ex Lighting

Maintaining lighting in a hazardous area environment can sometimes be a challenging task that costs precious time and money. Considering some of the biggest maintenance challenges, in this White-Paper we explore how luminaires are designed differently depending on the manufacturer, and why choosing the correct luminaire for your project can help to reduce costs. Download the full White-Paper to find out more.

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Download: Specify Your Linear

Specifying your Linear luminaire just got easier. Our new SPARTAN Linear Specification Guide will help you to specify for new installations, and for retrofit projects where existing fluorescent luminaires are being replaced. With a range of different options and variants available, this practical guide is everything you need to choose the perfect Linear for your project. Download our guide below to specify the product which is most suited to your application.      


New White-Paper: How to Save Money with Maintenance Friendly Ex Lighting

Our new White-Paper is the ultimate guide to maintaining lighting in a hazardous area environment. Considering some of the biggest maintenance challenges, we explore how luminaire’s are designed differently, and why choosing the correct luminaire for your project can help to reduce costs. In this free, in-depth guide we look at; • How much maintenance does an Ex luminaire require? • What makes a luminaire easy to maintain? • How to reduce maintenance costs and downtime? • How to overcome problems with restricted access? • Hidden costs behind warranties

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Download: New SPARTAN LED Upgrade Guide

LED luminaires offer several, significant advantages over traditional lighting technology. The biggest question when replacing your traditional luminaires with LED is to understand which LED luminaries offer a suitable replacement. At Raytec, we want to make it easy to understand, so we have created a quick and simple guide which allows you to compare which SPARTAN Flood or Bay luminaires can be used to replace your traditional lighting technology. The upgrade guide allows a simple way for distributors, specifiers and end-users to identify the correct product from the SPARTAN Flood... Read More


White-Paper : Emergency Lighting for Hazardous Areas

Hazardous areas are often located in high-risk environments with unstable power sources which make the need for an effective emergency lighting solution absolutely critical to achieving the highest levels of safety on site. Download our White Paper and discover everything you need to know about emergency lighting for hazardous areas.


Download: Choosing Your Spartan

Although every application is different, for the ease of monitoring and specification each hazardous area is classified as a particular level or “zone”. As a result, all hazardous area equipment must be designed with hazardous area zone classifications in mind, as the “zone” governs the level of protection and precaution required. It is essential to know which zone you are working in, so that you can specify the most appropriate equipment. The Raytec SPARTAN range includes dedicated luminaires for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas as well as industrial... Read More


White-Paper: How You Can Replace Your Existing 4ft Ex Fluorescent Fitting for a 2ft Ex LED Linear

In a previous article we identified that in terms of light output; you can effectively replace a 5ft fluorescent (2x58W) with a 4ft LED (SPARTAN Linear WL168) and achieve superior performance.  In this paper, after the performance upgrade of the SPARTAN Linear products we look at the feasibility of being able to replace a larger fluorescent fitting with a smaller SPARTAN LED in general, to enhance the cost savings in switching to LED. The headline statement here is the performance of the 2ft LED in comparison to the 4ft fluorescent.... Read More

white-paper-led vs fluorescent 28/07/2016

White-Paper: LED vs Fluorescent – June 2016 Edition

In this paper Raytec discuss some key comparisons between LED and Fluorescent lighting technology, focussing on areas such as; performance, suitability to harsh environments, maintenance as well as other considerations such as disposal, quality of light and performance during emergency conditions. With fluorescent lighting used extensively across the world in a wide range of applications – the chances are that if your site has a requirement for hazardous area or industrial lighting, then a large proportion of these will be fluorescent fittings. Furthermore, if you work closely with lighting you’ll most likely... Read More

white-paper-how-you-can-change-a-5ft-fluorescent-for-a-4ft-led-linear 10/06/2016

White-Paper: How You Can Change a 5ft Fluorescent for a 4ft LED Linear

In a previous article we identified how making the switch to an Ex LED Linear from a traditional fluorescent fitting can offer significant savings by reducing maintenance costs, providing a longer lifetime of 100,000+ hours, as well as producing a greater, more consistent performance for your application. In this paper Raytec look at the feasibility of replacing a larger fluorescent fitting with a smaller LED fitting to enhance cost savings in switching to LED even further. Learn more by downloading the paper.