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We Are Raytec – The LED Lighting Experts

We are Raytec – the LED lighting experts. We’re excited to release our brand new video filmed from our headquarters in Ashington. Today, Raytec manufactures specialist LED lighting products across four main divisions – Hazardous, Industrial, Transport and Security. Our products are designed to increase safety and security for any application in which they’re installed across the globe. Watch now as our Managing Director, David Lambert, explores what makes Raytec the industry leader.

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Linear Has Evolved!

What? SPARTAN Linear is evolving! We are delighted to announce the release of the much anticipated second generation of SPARTAN Linear luminaires. The new luminaire is a natural evolution of the existing Linear, providing more performance, even greater levels of durability, and a host of new features and variants which ensures there is a Linear suitable for any application. Explore the range here:… To learn more about SPARTAN Generation II Linear, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or email Raytec Global at

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Hands-on With Linear Generation II

We are delighted to introduce the second generation of SPARTAN Linear. The new Linear is a natural evolution of the existing Linear, providing more performance, even greater levels of durability, and a host of new features and variants which ensures there is a Linear suitable for any application. Why develop a second generation of Linear products? We spoke to some of the people at forefront of the design process to understand some of the objectives behind the project, and took a hands-on tour of the new luminaire and all it’s... Read More


SPARTAN High-Power Flood: Designed With Your Application in Mind

Do you need a high-performing floodlight with increased flexibility? The SPARTAN High-Power Flood delivers a highly reliable, White-Light solution with DALI dimming capabilities. The luminaire’s unique modular design with removable PSU, makes access for maintenance procedures easier and more cost effective. Watch our new video to find out more about SPARTAN High-Power Flood, or explore the range online here.


SPARTAN Bulkhead: The Features You Need to Know

Do you need a compact luminaire with industry leading reliability, durability and performance? Then our SPARTAN Bulkhead offers the perfect solution for you. The Bulkhead range comprises of a compact, low profile design, which is ideal for applications with restricted space. With advanced ‘Intelligent Emergency’ features, you will never be left without light in an emergency situation. Explore the Bulkhead range here.


The 3 Benefits of Intelligent Emergency

Intelligent emergency products feature an innovative automatic random testing function, taking safety and performance of emergency luminaires to the next level. Featuring a microprocessor programmed to automatically cycle the batteries, the products perform three different testing procedures to ensure the luminaire is operating correctly and the emergency battery system is functioning at it’s optimum. But what do these LED indicators mean? Watch our video to find out! EXPLORE RANGE


OGA Interview 2019 – Tom Richardson

Watch OGV Energy’s interview with our Tom Richardson, Hazardous Sales Executive, during the OGA 2019. Discussions cover our full range of globally-certified, SPARTAN Ex luminaires. SPARTAN changes the way we look at lighting for hazardous area environments, providing the easiest installation and servicing, whilst combining huge energy and maintenance savings with the highest level of performance and reliability. EXPLORE SPARTAN RANGE 


Make Maintenance Easier with a Remote PSU

High Power Flood and Bay’s unique modular design with removable PSU module allows for the most flexible installation, easy access and servicing throughout the products life. The PSU can be located remotely from the light engine, all wiring and serviceable parts can be positioned at an easy to access location making installation, servicing and inspection quicker and easier. Watch our video to learn more. In addition, to discover more about the benefits of a remote PSU, read our article here. To discuss how a remote PSU can benefit your project, call us... Read More


Torabhaig Distillery Lighting Design

Watch our video featuring the lighting design for our recent installation at the Torabhaig Distillery, situated in Scotland. Our FREE lighting design service, includes 2D and 3D lighting plans that ensure excellent lighting performance and efficiency, highlighting the best possible lighting positions, number of fittings and the detailed lux levels that will be on site. Our team of expert lighting designers can help you design a custom scheme that ensures excellent light output and performance. Contact one of our lighting design team here. In addition, to find out more about... Read More

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New Product: The Urban-X Pro

Raytec are delighted to launch Urban-X; a new range of high-performance general area luminaires designed for a range of industrial applications, as well as pathways, street lighting and perimeter fence lines. Initially launching the range with the Urban-X Mini, the most compact and lightweight Urban-X luminaire, Raytec have since launched the Urban-X Pro, the most powerful luminaire in the family. With the Pro offering a greater lumen output, the Urban X range truly covers all your industrial lighting needs! To discover more of the benefits, read our article here.