New White-Paper: How to Save Money with Maintenance Friendly Ex Lighting

Our new White-Paper is the ultimate guide to maintaining lighting in a hazardous area environment. Considering some of the biggest maintenance challenges, we explore how luminaire’s are designed differently, and why choosing the correct luminaire for your project can help to reduce costs. In this free, in-depth guide we look at; • How much maintenance does an Ex luminaire require? • What makes a luminaire easy to maintain? • How to reduce maintenance costs and downtime? • How to overcome problems with restricted access? • Hidden costs behind warranties DOWNLOAD... Read More


Maintaining Ex Lighting: Modular vs Sealed for Life – Part 2

Part 1 – Modular vs. Sealed for Life – What’s the Difference? (LINK) In this four-part series, we compare ‘modular’ and ‘sealed for life’ LED Ex luminaires, and how the design and certification of these different approaches impacts how easily maintenance can be carried out. In this second part, we look at how the design affects downtime during a common maintenance procedure. Let’s consider this in the context of a real scenario; Application: Offshore, Oil Rig Scenario: A luminaire installed on the rig has failed and is no longer providing... Read More


Webinar Recording: How to Save Money with Maintenance Friendly Ex Lighting

How much could you save by selecting a luminaire which is designed to be easy to maintain? In this recent webinar, we provided some of the answers and looked at some of the hidden costs behind; Routine maintenance checks Unplanned maintenance Warranty and return procedures Lifetime installation Environmental considerations Watch our webinar recording to find out more.


How Dust Certified Ex Luminaires Can Save You Money

If you work with applications where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of dust, you should be aware of the need to use specialist equipment which is appropriate for use in these environments. Any lighting installed should be certified to Zone 20, Zone 21 or Zone 22 standards, depending on the level of risk. Selecting the most suitable luminaire for these applications can ultimately save you money. Before we look at how, let’s take a look between the differences between gases and dusts. Gas and Dust... Read More


Make Maintenance Easier with a Remote PSU

High Power Flood and Bay’s unique modular design with removable PSU module allows for the most flexible installation, easy access and servicing throughout the products life. The PSU can be located remotely from the light engine, all wiring and serviceable parts can be positioned at an easy to access location making installation, servicing and inspection quicker and easier. Watch our video to learn more. In addition, to discover more about the benefits of a remote PSU, read our article here. To discuss how a remote PSU can benefit your project, call us... Read More


SPARTAN Breathes New Life into Dublin Cemetery

When you think of hazardous areas, there might be a few different applications or industries which come to mind; offshore drilling rigs, onshore refineries, pharmaceutical or petrochemical. Cemeteries though, are probably not one of the first applications which jump to mind! A recent project however saw Raytec’s Zone 2 SPARTAN luminaires installed in a cemetery in Dublin, Ireland, which is also a popular tourist destination. The cemetery is home to the tallest round tower in Ireland and attracts thousands of tourists every year; with multiple exhibits, six landing platforms and... Read More


3 Benefits of Mounting a PSU Remotely

Hazardous areas are complicated environments for any installation; extra measures need to be taken in order to establish a safe and efficient lighting installation. One way to increase flexibility in these applications is to choose a luminaires featuring a modular design with a removable PSU (Power Supply Unit) module. In this article, we explore the three biggest benefits; Ease of access Luminaires with a modular design and removable PSU modules, such as Raytec’s SPARTAN High Power Flood and Bay, allow the PSU to be mounted remotely, up to 100m away... Read More


Intelligent Emergency Products Nominated for Hazardex Award

Raytec are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the Hazardex 2019 Technical Innovation award, for our Intelligent Emergency luminaires. Last year we were thrilled to launch our new range of ‘Intelligent’ emergency products, available on SPARTAN Linear and Bulkhead ranges. Intelligent Emergency products feature an innovative automatic testing function and maintain 100% output in emergency mode, taking emergency performance to the next level! To learn more about our Intelligent Emergency luminaires read our article.       VOTING WILL CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT (GMT) 6/2/19 Email with Haz19... Read More


Come and Visit Us at EGYPS 19

We will be exhibiting at EGYPS for the first time, hall 1 stand 2G40 from 11th-13th February 2019. We will be discussing our latest LED hazardous lighting technology, including our Intelligent Emergency luminaires. This cutting-edge technology features an innovative automatic testing function and are capable of up to 100% light output in an emergency situation. Our luminaries offer a unique modular design which makes access and maintenance easy. Come and visit us to discuss how we can help you with your hazardous area lighting needs. Date: 11th– 13th February 2019 Stand: Hall... Read More


Torabhaig Distillery Lighting Design

Watch our video featuring the lighting design for our recent installation at the Torabhaig Distillery, situated in Scotland. Our FREE lighting design service, includes 2D and 3D lighting plans that ensure excellent lighting performance and efficiency, highlighting the best possible lighting positions, number of fittings and the detailed lux levels that will be on site. Our team of expert lighting designers can help you design a custom scheme that ensures excellent light output and performance. Contact one of our lighting design team here. In addition, to find out more about... Read More