Maintaining Ex Lighting: Modular vs Sealed for Life – Part 1

Part 1 – What’s the Difference? In this 4-part series, we compare ‘modular’ and ‘sealed for life’ LED Ex luminaires, and how the design and certification of these different approaches impacts how easily maintenance can be carried out. In this first instalment, we’ll look at what we actually mean by ‘modular’ and ‘sealed for life’ and identify the key differences in how these solutions have been designed. Maintenance is an important consideration for lighting in hazardous areas. It is required to ensure the luminaires are compliant and are operating at... Read More


How Dust Certified Ex Luminaires Can Save You Money

If you work with applications where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of dust, you should be aware of the need to use specialist equipment which is appropriate for use in these environments. Any lighting installed should be certified to Zone 20, Zone 21 or Zone 22 standards, depending on the level of risk. Selecting the most suitable luminaire for these applications can ultimately save you money. Before we look at how, let’s take a look between the differences between gases and dusts. Gas and Dust... Read More


3 Benefits of Mounting a PSU Remotely

Hazardous areas are complicated environments for any installation; extra measures need to be taken in order to establish a safe and efficient lighting installation. One way to increase flexibility in these applications is to choose a luminaires featuring a modular design with a removable PSU (Power Supply Unit) module. In this article, we explore the three biggest benefits; Ease of access Luminaires with a modular design and removable PSU modules, such as Raytec’s SPARTAN High Power Flood and Bay, allow the PSU to be mounted remotely, up to 100m away... Read More


SPARTAN Intelligent Emergency Now C1D2 Approved

Raytec’s SPARTAN range of Intelligent Emergency Linear and Bulkhead products are QPS accredited to applicable UL/CSA standards. The new products will complement Raytec’s existing range of QPS accredited products and means a full range of standard and emergency hazardous area products for the North American market are now available. SPARTAN Intelligent Emergency products offer a number of key features; High output, long duration emergency performance Up to 100% light output in emergency mode Self-testing – batteries are cycled automatically LED indicator – communicates the luminaires health status Easy Installation and... Read More

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Download: New SPARTAN LED Upgrade Guide

LED luminaires offer several, significant advantages over traditional lighting technology. The biggest question when replacing your traditional luminaires with LED is to understand which LED luminaries offer a suitable replacement. At Raytec, we want to make it easy to understand, so we have created a quick and simple guide which allows you to compare which SPARTAN Flood or Bay luminaires can be used to replace your traditional lighting technology. The upgrade guide allows a simple way for distributors, specifiers and end-users to identify the correct product from the SPARTAN Flood... Read More

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Raytec Launch New Urban-X Luminaires

Raytec are delighted to launch Urban-X; a new range of high-performance general area luminaires designed for a range of industrial applications, as well as pathways, street lighting and perimeter fence lines. Initially launching the range with the Urban-X Mini, the most compact and lightweight Urban-X luminaire,  Raytec have since launched the Urban-X Pro, the most powerful luminaire in the family. Urban-X delivers several performance advantages compared to traditional lighting: High Performance Available with a lumen output up to 14,000lm, the Urban-X range achieves incredibly powerful illumination from a small platform... Read More


We Will Be at Adipec 2018

Raytec will be exhibiting at ADIPEC, stand 8330 in Hall 8, from 12th-15th November, 2018. The Raytec team will be there to discuss our latest LED hazardous lighting innovations, including our Intelligent Emergency luminaires. This cutting-edge technology features an innovative automatic testing function, taking safety and performance of emergency to the next level. All intelligent emergency luminaires are capable of up to 100% light output in emergency mode as well as being exceptionally easy to maintain thanks to a unique modular design which makes access easy. Come and visit us... Read More

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Product Update: Spartan Approved to op-is

Earlier in 2018, all products in the SPARTAN range were recertified to comply with an update in the ATEX directives (EN 60079-28:2015) referred to as ‘op-is’. But what exactly does this mean, and more importantly, why does it matter? What is op-is? Op-is focuses on the ignition risk caused by optical radiation from LEDs. Light beams may not normally be perceived as dangerous, but as technology develops, LEDs are becoming increasingly powerful and their beams more intense. In certain environments this could present an ignition risk as particles in the... Read More

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Raytec Launch ‘Intelligent’ Emergency Products

Raytec are delighted to launch a new range of ‘intelligent’ emergency luminaires. Initially available in the Linear and Bulkhead product ranges, the new intelligent emergency products feature an innovative automatic testing function and take safety and performance of emergency luminaires to the next level. Featuring a microprocessor programmed to automatically cycle the batteries, the new products perform three different testing procedures to ensure the luminaire is operating correctly and the emergency battery system is functioning at it’s optimum; Commissioning test Three charge and discharge cycles are carried out automatically at... Read More

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Intelligent Emergency Luminaire

Emergency Ex lighting plays an important role in maintaining the safety of hazardous area locations, and the well-being of those who work in them, by providing back-up illumination when the primary power source fails. In this article we take a closer look at how the latest ‘intelligent’ emergency luminaires can improve performance of emergency systems, ultimately increasing safety and reducing risk on-site.   What Is an Intelligent Emergency Luminaire? ‘Intelligent’ emergency luminaires feature a built-in microprocessor which automatically cycles the emergency batteries, checks the health status of the luminaire and... Read More