Application Focus: Lighting for Offshore Wind Farms

With continuous exposure to salt, wind and water, offshore wind farms represent a challenging environment for lighting. Specifying a quality, heavy-duty luminaire that is capable of withstanding these elements, is critical. In our latest guide we look at: • The locations, on and around wind turbines, where lighting is required• The challenges of an offshore environment and using a smart specification to overcome them• Other key considerations when specifying lighting for offshore wind farms Download our application guide below.


Ex e vs. Ex d: Which Protection Method Is Right for You?

When specifying a luminaire for use in a hazardous area, one of the most important things to consider is certification. In simple terms, the luminaire needs to be approved to an appropriate level, based on the environment in which it is being installed. If your site has been designated as Zone 1 hazardous area, you will need to specify a luminaire which has been approved to Zone 1 standards. Beyond this, it’s also important to look at the method of protection used during certification; this can have a significant impact... Read More


Our Response to COVID-19

As everyone continues to adapt to COVID-19 across the world, we want to let you know that Raytec are still here for your LED lighting requirements. We’re Open for Business – Our factory remains open for business and although we are operating with reduced numbers, we continue to receive, build and ship new orders. Protecting Our People – Following the government guidelines, where possible staff are working from home and careful safety measures are being followed by those still coming in to work. Prioritising Critical Orders – While supporting our... Read More

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New Webinar: GRP, or not GRP?

VIEW WEBINAR RECORDING In this FREE to attend webinar we’ll compare the different hazardous area LED Linear solutions available on the market today. GRP enclosures are commonplace with traditional fluorescent fittings, but how well suited are they to more modern LED alternatives? We’ll cover this, as well other design differences, and consider how they impact an end user in relation to cost and day to day operation. • Differences in housing design and how it impacts performance.• Using a smart specification to overcome application specific risks, such as UV exposure... Read More


Raytec Triumph in HazardEx Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Raytec have won the HazardEx 2020 award for ‘Best Customer Service’ for our Lighting Design service. Lighting Design is a core part of our customer service and brings any installation to life. Providing a visual representation allows the client to see exactly where the light is targeted before any lighting is installed. We provide dedicated 1-to-1 support throughout the entire process to ensure our customer has the best guidance. David Lambert (Managing Director) and Barry Thompson (Director of Hazardous Area Division), attended the event and... Read More

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New White-Paper: Hazardous Area Lighting: LED Linears Compared

Our new White-Paper is the ultimate guide for comparing hazardous area LED Linear solutions. We identify the most common design approaches adopted by Ex manufacturers, and highlight the impact they have on end users in relation to cost and day to day operation. By the end, you should have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the main design approaches and understand the key things to consider when specifying LED linear lighting for hazardous areas. Some of the areas we cover are; • Differences in housing design and... Read More

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Raytec’s Lighting Design Service Nominated for HazardEx Award

For the second year in a row, we are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for a HazardEx award. Our Lighting Design service has been nominated in the ‘Customer Services’ category. (We are in category 5 – Best Customer Service) Lighting Design is a core part of our customer service and brings any installation to life. Providing a visual representation allows the client to see exactly where the light is targeting before any lighting is installed. Raytec provide dedicated 1-to-1 support throughout the entire process to ensure you... Read More


Looking Back on the Success of 2019

2019 has been a significant year for Raytec, achieving our highest ever sales figure to date. This follows the success and continued growth of our Hazardous Area Division. With the New Year fast approaching, we want to share some of our favourite highlights from 2019 and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect from Raytec in 2020! Cutting-edge Technology At Raytec, we continue to drive with innovation, demonstrated by the launch of more new products to our award winning VARIO2 range; VARIO2 IP16 – In March, we... Read More


11 SPARTAN’s You Didn’t Know About

At Raytec, we pride ourselves on flexibility and being able to meet the many demands of our customers. This has led us to developing several bespoke products – many of which you might not have known existed. Take a look at our latest guide and explore some of the more specialist products in the SPARTAN range, as well as some unique features which might help you in your next project.


Is Your Zone 2 Luminaire Compliant?

There are many factors to consider when specifying a hazardous area luminaire; light-output, colour temperature, emergency performance, to name a few, but how much consideration is given towards a luminaire’s certification? As well as checking the manufacturers QAN and QAR, to ensure they are authorized to produce and sell hazardous equipment, time should also be given to assess the certification of the luminaire itself. Firstly, to make sure the product holds a valid certificate, relevant to where it’s being installed, but also to check some of the finer detail of... Read More