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Looking Back On 2020

What a year it has been! If you had asked us what we thought 2020 would look like this time last year, I don’t think any of us could have predicted it. That being said, Raytec’s family-orientated and hardworking culture has really helped us through a very tough year, and overall, we are ending the year positively. We are proud of the team we have here, and we are looking forward to the New Year – after a well-earned Christmas break of course! Before then, here is a roundup of... Read More


Raytec Launch New SPARTAN C1D1 and C1D2 Products

We are delighted to introduce a new range of SPARTAN products with C1D1 and C1D2 approval exclusively for the North American market. Complimenting the ATEX and IECEX approved SPARTAN range, the new products offer flexible and versatile hazardous area solutions for Linear and Bay lighting, and are also available as industrial variants. With a comprehensive range of mounting and accessory options, broad voltage input range of up to 480VAC, alongside special variants in the range the SPARTAN product family has a solution for almost any problem. SPARTAN AR, MR &... Read More

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Application Focus: Lighting for Distilleries

Distilleries are one of the more interesting and unique applications where the use of hazardous area lighting is required. Often doubling up as a tourist attraction, they present a unique challenge where lighting must be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and in-keeping with the existing architecture of the building. Raytec have been involved in a number of distillery projects over the years, and in our latest Application Focus, we share some of our experiences and identify some of the key things to consider when specifying luminaires for these types of environments. 


Certification Nameplates: Stainless Steel vs. Self-Adhesive

You will find equipment markings on almost any piece of electrical equipment purchased for industrial, commercial, or personal use. These can often be overlooked, and if weathered or worn, sometimes impossible to read. However, for hazardous area products the nameplate is arguably the most critical component and must always be easily legible. Using the wrong equipment could result in a critical safety issue.

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Raytec Live: Drop-in Sessions (Wellglass vs. Bay)

Over three webinars, we have compared types of certification, luminaire design, and providing some top tips on things to consider when specifying lighting. Watch the final Raytec Live Drop-in Session of the series. We explore the design differences between these two types of luminaires, and discuss what is best for your application. For more information, read our article here. To learn more about Ex lighting, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or email Raytec Global at or Raytec Americas at

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Raytec Live: Drop-in Sessions (Source Lumens vs. Delivered Lumens)

Watch our second Raytec Live Drop-in Session. We explore why manufacturers represent these figures in different ways and how these differences impact the end-user in relation to lumens achieved on-site. For more information, read our article here. To learn more about Ex lighting, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or email Raytec Global at or Raytec Americas at

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Raytec Live: Drop-in Sessions (Ex e vs. Ex d)

Watch our first Raytec Live Drop-in Session. We compared Ex e and Ex d certification and the impacts these different protection methods have on an end-user. For more information, read our article here. To learn more about Ex lighting, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or email Raytec Global at or Raytec Americas at


Hazardous Area Wellglass vs. Bay

Wellglass and bay lighting solutions are commonplace in hazardous areas. Both solutions are typically used across similar applications; warehouses, storage facilities, and others which require general illumination over large, open areas. So, what are the differences between the two types of luminaire, and is one better than the other? This is something we’ll try answer in this article, but simply put, wellglass luminaires tend to be based on a traditional design using conventional lighting technology (such as metal-halide or high-pressure sodium), whereas bay luminaires tend to be based on a... Read More


New Webinar: Hands-on with SPARTAN Linear

SPARTAN Linear offers the ideal solution for new installations, or as a retrofit for existing fluorescent luminaires. Our latest webinar gives you a hands-on demonstration of SPARTAN Linear. We walk you through all the key features, and show you how easy it is to install and maintain. Our experts also answer product questions with a Q&A session. Watch the recording here.


SPARTAN Bulkhead & Flood Mounting & Accessories Guide

Did you know SPARTAN Flood and Bulkhead are available with a range of dedicated bracketry? A range of accessories are available to tailor SPARTAN Bulkhead and Flood luminaires to any hazardous area installation requirement. Our Mounting and Accessories Guide provides a useful overview of all mounting solutions to suit multiple wall, ceiling and floor mount configurations. The guide also covers accessories including bespoke exit sign and sand blast shield kits. Download now to discover the full range.