Lighting for ANPR / LPR

Application Focus

24 May 2022

Raytec are world leaders in LED lighting for safety and security. PULSESTAR is our range of LED pulsed lighting products designed specifically for transport applications. In this Application Focus, we explore the lighting requirements for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) / LPR (License Plate Recognitions) systems and identify some of the key elements to consider when specifying lighting for these applications.

What is ANPR / LPR?

Firstly, let’s start with what actually is ANPR / LPR?  ANPR (or LPR depending on your locality and terminology) is technology used to automatically capture the details of a vehicle’s number/license plate.  ANPR / LPR has various uses, such as car park or toll road access, monitoring driver speed, as well as tackling traveling criminals and generally disrupting crime on our roads.

The need to read and detect a vehicles plate is one of the most common requirements for transport systems used across the world.

Why is Lighting Needed for ANPR / LPR Systems?

ANPR / LPR systems are often required to operate 365 days, 24 hours a day, and must overcome the challenges of fast-moving vehicles, dirty number plates, vehicle headlights, as well changing ambient light levels and environmental conditions. Dedicated, high-quality illumination plays a vital role in enabling the ANPR / LPR system to . . .

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